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    Shed Architecture


    Three floors above the garage face south to Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier and the north (front) opens onto Leschi Park for this Shed Architecture (www.shedbuilt.com) designed Built Green home. The existing 100+ year-old house was is disrepair and was demolished after many of the trim, structural and landscape components were removed. The extreme site conditions required substantial concrete retaining walls with wide footings and pin piles to stabilize the steep slope. Concrete was also used as the finished floor on two levels with hydronic heating embedded in the slabs. The corrugated steel siding was installed horizontally with mitered corners. This home was certified as a 4-star Built Green project. Some of the environmentally friendly qualities of this home are:

    • Fly ash added to concrete to replace a portion of the Portland cement. Fly ash is a by-product produced from burning coal.
    • Existing plants were donated to the Seattle Parks Department and replanted in the Kobota Gardens.
    • Much of the interior trim and fir flooring from the existing house was removed for reuse by others. Many of the 100-year-old floor joists were milled and reused in the project as benches, shelving and stair treads.
    • Advanced framing techniques were utilized to maximize insulation.
    • Hot water heat installed in concrete floors and under the engineered fir flooring.
    • On demand hot water heat – both for domestic hot water and heating with solar panel preheat.
    • Pre-wired for future photo voltaic electrical generation.
    • Heat recovery ventilation system providing ventilation throughout the house while recovering the heat from the stale exiting air and transferring that heat to the fresh incoming air.
    • Extensive use of LED lighting.
    • No VOC paints were used.